Jennifer Lopez makes a return to comedy in 'The Back-up Plan' as Zoe, a successful business woman-turned Manhattan pet store owner whose biological clock is ticking. Unwilling to settle for just any man, but aware that her window on motherhood is closing, Zoe decides to have a baby on her own through artificial insemination. This planned parenthood, of course, goes off the rails when she ends up meeting the man of her dreams, Stan (Alex O'Loughlin), the day she gets impregnated.

If the premise sounds a little bit sitcommy, perhaps it's due to the movie's pedigree. The film was made by CBS Films, and its screenwriter Kate Angelo and director Alan Poul both come from TV backgrounds. Lopez made an appearance on 'How I Met Your Mother,' O'Loughlin was recently on 'Three Rivers,' and heck, even TV icons Tom Bosley and Linda Lavin show up on screen.

Does this mean that you should go out to the theater to watch it? Most critics are tending more towards (pregnant) pause rather than calling it an outright bundle of joy. Read what they had to say:
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