Based on the 1970s DC Comics book of the same name, 'The Losers' chronicles a death-defying, rag-tag team of ex-mercenaries as they're sent on a black ops mission into the Bolivian jungle. When they refuse to carry out the asinine orders to kill a pack of child drug mules, the CIA betrays them and tries to hunt them down. Presumed dead, this out-for-revenge, gun-toting group come together with the sultry, deceptive Aisha (Zoe Saldana) to seek out Max (Jason Patric,) the evil-doer behind this double-dealing madness.

Set in modern times with a slightly biting nod to the previous administration's questionable war motives abroad, director Sylvain White's high-on-explosives popcorn film looks like just another bomb -- well, if the critics had their way. The overall consensus seems to be that the ultra-violent picture is pretty vacuous, though some point out its humor and Saldana's combat skills and screen presence as major assets.

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