Best of the New Releases: Ummm ... Ex Drummer?

Sadly, it's another slow week for horror on DVD. Which I'm sure you've noticed, since Spring Break Massacre is my lead off title. What can I say, as much as we love horror it seems there's just not enough of it to go around. Or maybe the big problem is there's just not enough GOOD horror to go around. Be that as it may, just because a title is smaller and you may not have seen it theatrically doesn't mean it can't be a solid horror flick ... or at the least, enjoyably bad, a category into which I sincerely hope Spring Break Massacre falls.

Also on tap this week is an indie called Necrosis starring 80s singing sensation Tiffany. According to the synopsis, it looks like a bunch of friends on vacation at an isolated cabin get trapped by a snowstorm and have to fend off attacking ghosts. Sounds pretty straightforward, but I Think We're Alone Now fans will clearly flock to any film including Tiffany. How do you think The Asylum financed Megapiranha?

First off, let me say that Ex Drummer may not be a straight up horror film. But from what I've heard, some truly horrific things do happen in the film. I'm not sure, because after missing it at Fantastic Fest, I've tried to avoid any possible spoilers on it. I'm looking forward to finally seeing it for myself. I know enough to know I want to see it, and for you genre fans it may be worth checking out.
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