I am completely excited for The Horde, Benjamin Rocher and Yannick Dahan's new French zombie film due later this year. IFC is set to bring the flick to us with both a limited theatrical release and a VOD debut in August, and now Bloody-Disgusting brings word of a new clip and the launch of the official French website.

If I wrote screenplays, I'd have totally come up with the idea for this film because it's everything I love all rolled into one. Gangsters and four crooked cops are blasting away at each other in an apartment building. That's already cool, but to up the ante, the zombie apocalypse breaks out and now the enemies have to team up in order to try and survive. So, we've got crooked cops, gangsters, guns, and zombies. It's like the screenwriters were tapped into my brain...

If you don't read French, don't worry -- you can still swing by the newly launched site and check out loads of fresh images from the film. Take your time poking around, because there's some good stuff to check out.

Then click on through to the other side of the jump to check out a new clip from the film. The image quality is poor (it's really gray for some reason), but suffer through and you'll get to see one of the title's impressive moments -- the group on the roof of the building with a very ominous sky all around them and hordes of angry zombies everywhere. I don't care what the early buzz says, this movie screams awesome in the clips.

We'll be bringing you more on The Horde as we get closer to August.
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