Blood Mania
, Directed by Robert Vincent O'Neill

As a connoisseur of all things uniquely terrible, I tend to snatch up as many cheap box sets containing "50 Horror Classics!" as I possibly can. Such a title tells me one thing: I will not be getting classic movies. I will be getting trash and if I'm lucky, a handful of that trash will be delightful trash. I experienced Blood Mania after cracking open a box set called "Gorehouse Greats" and soon learned that "Gorehouse" is not a proper word to use in association with this nearly bloodless horror movie. Neither is "Great," but at least I was expecting that.

Blood Mania follows a successful doctor being blackmailed for past indiscretions. In order to find some quick cash to pay off the fellow doing the blackmailing, he gets in bed (literally) with a woman whose wealthy father is on the verge of death. It's only after the woman murders her father that he learns that she's a psychotic nymphomaniac with a nasty habit of trying to bed every man who crosses her path (even the pool boy, who must be 14 years old). There are incomprehensible dream sequences, a rape scene silly enough to elicit guffaws, an extended musical montage at a Medieval Festival, seemingly important characters who suddenly vanish and never show up again, and yes, a murder or two. And then it reaches the start of an inevitable climax and just ends, probably because the production ran out of money.

I'll give Blood Mania 2 insane nymphos out of 5.
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