It looked like Wanted 2 was as dead as its Fraternity when Angelina Jolie dropped out in favor of a dozen other projects she has in the works. But you can't keep a superpowered assassin group down -- or at least you can't keep Timur Bekmambetov from delivering on a sequel. According to E! Online, Universal is still entertaining the idea of Wanted 2, and is looking at Kristen Stewart as Jolie's replacement.

Stewart, 20, has met with Bekmambetov at least once to play (what else?) a "young, ass-kicking assassin in the Fraternity", and act as James McAvoy's wing-woman. The main problem seems to be schedule conflicts, as Universal and Bekmambetov aimed at shooting Wanted 2 at the end of August and Stewart will be busy with Breaking Dawn. There is also the problem of its main man, as McAvoy made a point of announcing he was taking a break from movies when he dropped out of I'm With Cancer. No one is really available this fall except Bekmambetov, and he's reportedly rushing to fill his fall gap as we speak.

Even E! Online admits a Wanted sequel is still a very dim possibility. But if the schedules and stars align, you might see McAvoy and Stewart curving bullets together. It would make a lot of sense for Stewart. What better way to start distancing yourself from Bella Swan than to become a ruthless killer?
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