The pay-for-Hulu rumors have been brewing for months now, and now they're finally coming true. According to The LA Times, the popular streaming site is pushing forward with a $9.95 subscription service that is rumored to go into effect on May 24.

But don't freak out! You won't pop onto and immediately be asked for your credit card number. Hulu will still offer the five most recent episodes of a given television show, such as Glee, Bones, LOST, or Saturday Night Live. Viewers who get a hankering to watch the entire season of a television show will be asked to pay $9.95 a month for access to the entire television database.

There's no report on how this may affect Hulu's movie selection. Hulu does bring in $100 million dollars in terms of ad revenue and if they are receiving subscriptions for television shows, that may allow them to continue to show free movies. Or perhaps movie watching will be limited, and included in that subscription fee. We don't know -- but what we do know is that this subscription fee doesn't entitle you to watch anything without those loud, unskippable commercials.

So, now that it's official, will you pay for Hulu? Or will you just make a point of using your DVR or TIVO more often so you can watch TV for free (or at least only pay your cable provider for it) and skip the commercials?