A new UK production shingle has emerged across the pond called B Good Picture Company and it looks like they'll be kicking things off with a pair of interesting projects. The first is Acts of God for producer/director Joe Stephenson. The title may sound like the working name of a Roland Emmerich movie, but Acts of God is actually being described as a British road movie (don't see too many of those) and has a promising little hook.

"Risk Assessment Officer Timothy McCain desperately trying to get to his fiancee's bedside in Paris, when his journey takes a turn for the worse and a young man named Dorian arrives claiming to be his Guardian Angel. Albeit not a very good one. In it we learn that Heaven isn't quite what you'd think, and neither is a Guardian Angel."

Details are a little lighter on the second film launching B Good. We do know a few key things, though; it's titled Mercenary, it's been written by James Moran and its got a pretty sweet poster that boasts the tagline "Today, at noon, I kill the President." I'm personally very curious to see what a writer like Moran, who has been a consistently busy screenwriter in the UK since writing Severance, does with a gritty premise like that, given his penchant for the fantastic (you can find his name on episodes of Doctor Who, Spooks, Primeval, and Torchwood).

There are no release dates for either Acts of God or Mercenary, but we'll be sure to keep our eye out for whenever either firms up.
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