Remember when we told you that New Line hadn't given up hope of reviving Snake Plissken, and returning to post-apocalyptic New York? Escape From New York: The Remake took another step closer to production today, as THR's Heat Vision reports that Breck Eisner has been chosen to direct.

The studio is running with Allan Loeb's script which, contrary to Vulture's earlier report, will be a hodgepodge of remake and prequel. The script "tries to mix an origin story for anti-hero Snake Plissken and merge it with the story of the 1981 original." Once again, modern moviemakers fail to grasp what is so damn cool about the original. Plissken doesn't need an origin story! Escape From New York told us all we needed to know about his glorious past, and his slummy, crime-driven present. Origin stories are for Superman and Green Lantern, not a grim guy like Snake.

At least I think Eisner is a good pick,even if he is becoming "the remake guy." His remake of The Crazies wasn't by-the-numbers laziness, full of boobs and blood like so many horror remakes are. If he could bring its sweaty grime to Escape, it would be perfect. I just wish Eisner was getting the chance to direct a real return of Snake Plissken -- the one and only Kurt Russell -- in an original story, and not tread over old ground.

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