A quick bit of news concerning Darren Lynn Bousman's next project has turned up over at THR. The director, who helmed three of the Saw sequels and the cult hit Repo! The Genetic Opera has signed on to direct the new horror film Ninety.

The project is based on a Scott Milam screenplay (Milam wrote the Mother's Day remake screenplay for Bousman as well) and will be a joint collaboration between Oxymoron and Blue Star Entertainment.

The title tells a tale of a "psychotic killer looking to commit 90 murders." Sounds like this guy is a real overachiever. It's set to start shooting this summer in New Mexico. Plans are to film in 2D and convert to 3D when the project is finished

Bousman's dance card seems to be filling up these days. Aside from this project, and the aforementioned Mother's Day remake, the director also has two other films (Abattoir and Akula) listed as in development. We'll keep you updated on Ninety as it moves through the development cycle and casting details are revealed.
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