The idea of Jack Nicholson leading a gray gang to a hangover in LASt VEGAS has a lot of news sites and moviefans talking. I'm not sure why -- would you ever expect Nicholson to play a gentle, aging grandpa and not a gleeful libertine? -- but I suppose we expect a man of his stature to avoid a certain kind of popcorn comedy. Again, I'm not sure why, as he made The Bucket List.

But I also think that no matter how mature we are, we still giggle at the idea of older men and women engaging in sexual and alcoholic hijinks. It's funny to see your grandparents do "young stuff." We all cherish the idea that once they hit their golden years, all they want to do is garden, knit, bake cookies, and watch 60 Minutes. But the person you are doesn't disappear just because your hair goes gray. If you liked to live hard and fast in your youth, you'll probably always be a rebel.

That's probably a little too heavy for what is meant to be a funny list. If Dirty Old Men and LASt Vegas are any indication, Hollywood may be gearing up to allow people over the age of 30 to get down and dirty to the tune of an R-rating. I suspect there's plenty of actors and actresses over the age of 50 who want to prove they've got the ability to shock. Here's five I'd like to see do it. (An uneven number encouraged me to tilt it towards actresses. Let's face it, Hollywood will be more ready to let men be dirty over women.)

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