I count David Cronenberg's The Fly as one of my all-time favorite movies, and, yet, I'd never seen the original 1958 film that inspired it until this very week. I have to admit, I'd always been a little dismissive of it -- a 1950's mad science romp starring Vincent Price as a man in a fly mask, terrorizing innocent townsfolk.

I was completely, 100% wrong.

First of all, Vincent Price isn't the star, just the biggest name in the film, and he isn't the title character either. This was just the first of many things I'd assumed about The Fly that were wrong. You watch enough films, you get familiar with stuff you haven't seen and start to make assumptions based on word-of-mouth and little clips and trailers. I was guilty of assuming The Fly was cheesy.

Again, I was completely, 100% wrong.

Dated? A little -- it is fifty years old after all. But cheesy? Hell, no. The fact that The Fly still maintains its power to completely creep its viewers out is impressive now, in 2010, but imagine catching this truly disturbing shocker in 1958, when all of the horror films were interchangeable nuclear threats with cheap effects and wooden acting. You would've crapped your pants. Yes, even you. Wimp.

The movie is available to view on Netflix streaming, and I'll be back on Monday to get a little more in-depth with The Fly. See you then...
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