Many horror fans reminisce about the days of old, when trips to the local video store wowed them with wide-eyed wonder. Gory cover art, hefty clamshells and aisles upon aisles of dusty boxes crammed together and stacked a mile high all left a huge impression upon our twisted, horror-loving hearts. If you worship the the rare, esoteric, out-of-print and underappreciated at the altar of VHS, then you'll want to read on.

Fellow videovores Josh and Ted run Lunchmeat -- a magazine that celebrates the best of VHS. I asked them to collaborate with me on a video box art column showcasing the badassery of their personal VHS collection and they did not disappoint with this first installment. This is a pic post, so think of it like a stroll through the video store. We're going to be highlighting various goodies from different releasing companies and will be mixing things up a bit in the months to come. If there's something you want to see (a theme/topic/genre) let us know in the comments section below and if they have it, you got it!

So hit the jump, travel back in time to that favorite video store haunt and feast your eyes on some delicious doozies!
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