I don't know many horror fans who have something negative to say about the 80's vampire flickFright Night. And there aren't many girls I know into horror who haven't claimed Chris Sarandon as one of their very first crushes. Sure he's sporting some poofy, feathery hair and knitwear on men is never really that sexy, but he manages to pull it all off -- particularly in the infamous club scene when he seduces Charlie's (William Ragsdale) girlfriend, Amy (Amanda Bearse).

Sarandon plays Jerry Dandrige -- a dark and debonair vampire with a biting sense of humor. He spends most of his time torturing his geeky neighbor Charlie by doing the deed, so to speak, in his window where he knows Charlie is watching. He also pays Charlie's mom a visit and then goes so far as to turn up in Charlie's bedroom one night. This event winds the high schooler up into a vampire-slaying frenzy, which causes those around him a lot of grief -- including his best friend Evil (Stephen Geoffreys) and his girlfriend Amy. Thing is, Charlie is kind of a douche bag -- he has this ridiculous air of self importance about him, he pretty much ignores Amy when she tries to grab a little snuggle time instead of sex and he's constantly berating his friend Evil. Dandrige is such a Rico Suave badass that you want him to defeat the little jerk. The only thing Charlie has going for him is the veteran vampire killer, Peter Vincent -- played perfectly by Roddy McDowall.
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