The casting for Catherine Hardwicke's The Girl with the Red Riding Hood has taken an interesting casting turn. We've already got Amanda Seyfried, plus Shiloh Fernandez as the woodcutter who falls in love with her. Now THR's Heat Vision reports that Max Irons (Jeremy's son) has signed on for a role, and that Julie Christie and Gary Oldman are also circling key parts.

As this incarnation goes, Seyfried is a woman in a medieval village that's terrorized by a werewolf. She digs the woodcutter, but her parents are none too pleased with her romantic leanings, especially since she's got an arranged marriage with Henri (Irons), the son of a blacksmith. Christie is circling the role of Seyfried's grandma, who just so happens to knit with silver needles, while Oldman is looking to play Father Solomon, "a man whose title is the Witchfinder General and whose job is to find and kill the werewolf."

I'm choosing to think that this bodes well for the feature, and that Christie and Oldman aren't slumming it. Christie doesn't take on too many roles these days, but when she does, they're at least decent if not high-quality (Away From Her). Oldman, well, he's done crap like Tiptoes, so this can go either way.
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