Mike Leigh's Naked is another one of those films I wish more people had seen. Featuring a performance for the ages from actor David Thewlis, it's easily one of the best films of the 1990s. The story centers on Thewlis' Johnny, a grubby malcontent who is wickedly clever but lacks most social graces. The film follows him as he prowls London one night, chronicling his encounters with a diverse group of people, including a night watchman obsessed with the future and the Bible.

This meeting between Thewlis and guard Brian (Peter Wight) highlights everything that's so amazing about Leigh's film. It's a dialogue-heavy sequence that moves through topics in a fascinating way, all the while exposing more of Johnny's character with each word uttered. Right off the bat, the scene starts by showing us how Thewlis' character can be a condescending jerk. As Brian explains what he does for his job -- patrolling a building and clicking the time stamper to show he was there -- Johnny tells him he has the most boring job in England and that they could probably teach a tall chimp to do it. The fact that Johnny is jobless doesn't factor into his diatribe at all.