Starcrash (1978) has inspired a lot great artwork (I own an original US one-sheet and complete set of lobby cards), but the wrap-around painted art that Vipco used for its UK VHS release may be my favorite. It perfectly captures Munro's and Gortner's iconic costumes, the fantastic starship and robot designs, and a few (but not all) of the film's colorful secondary characters.

Many people are dismissive of Starcrash without having seen it based on its reputation for being a cheap Star Wars rip-off. And while it certainly is a Star Wars rip-off (though I would argue not a cheap one), it also can stand on its own, thanks in no small part to Munro's and Gortner's charisma and their no-winking-at-the-camera approach to the material. If you haven't seen Starcrash, I strongly suggest that you check it out with an open mind.

Click through for the Vipco cover art, a trailer (featuring a hint of the film's solid score), and a clip of David Hasselhoff using a pseudo-lightsaber to fight off a sword-wielding robot. I know, right?

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