Okay, it's pretty obvious by now that when the world ends, it will be at the hands of a volcano. Think the Icelandic volcano is slowing down and that we'll soon return to the skies in our winged, metallic boxes of death and go about living our petty, insignificant lives? Nope. No one is going to have petty, insignificant lives when the world ends. We'll all have new lives of adventure and danger. Exciting stuff!

But how can you survive when every volcano on the planet simultaneously erupts, drowning our world in ash and molten lava? We'll have to deal with dirty thunderstorms, massive ash clouds that can kill airplanes and the inevitable alien invasion that will take advantage of our weakness. How can you possibly survive?

A few days ago, we posted a piece about a group that will house you in a cushy bunker when the apocalypse begins. Their price? Ten million bucks. Screw that. This is a recession. We're pinching pennies as it is. We've got to brave the face of mass destruction and chaos on a budget. Let's talk about how to do this on the cheap.
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