It's always a great thing when a high profile director has a new film coming out. That's when press access is at its peak, which means said director is being hammered with interviews. Inevitably every interview ends with questions curious as to what's next for the direction and inevitably they'll get tired of giving the same vague answer to hordes of journalists. In the case of Ridley Scott it looks like the press circuit for Robin Hood has already cracked open the pinata that is the Alien prequel and MTV was there to scoop up all the juicy details that spilled forth.

We now know that the film is set in the year 2085, 30 years before Ellen Ripley is even born, and will, as previously rumored, definitely focus on explaining who was the Space Jockey scene in the first film and where he came from. The main character will be another strong female and she'll either work for or have run ins with the Weyland corporation (note that it hasn't merged with Yutani yet). They'll also be redesigning the aliens, presumably from the facehuggers on up to the adults, to accommodate the earlier time period.

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