I admit it -- I'm sort of a Twilight Saga fan. I don't feel gushy towards it, or love it, but as a girl who grew up on young adult horror stories, I have a soft spot for the series, in an amused, ridiculous sort of way. But the final trailer for the upcoming The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, which just showed up on Oprah, is very low on the ridiculous, I'm surprised to report. Forget the sappy meadow; this time it's all about the fighting and the reason David Slade was picked for the job -- supernatural war. (Although, unfortunately, Edward is still sports clown face.)

Where the last trailer played up the romance, this one details the newborn army itching for a fight. Footage from Seattle includes Riley getting turned into a vampire, chaos on the streets, and all the mayhem that was hinted to but never revealed in Stephenie Meyers' book. But the biggie is the battle with the army, another part missing from the book. The newborns start off all cool and slick, slowly rising out of the water, but they greet the Cullens in an all-out run that, frankly, looks pretty killer. It's a chaotic dance of Cullens, newborns, and wolves, with a little bit of the Victoria mountain show-down mixed in for good measure.

Anxious to see the fight in all of its big-screen glory, I'm left wondering: If the action is as cool as the trailer suggests, how will anyone be entertained by Breaking Dawn? Vampiric C-sections don't equal slick, CG-war.

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