Ridley Scott, director of the new film Robin Hood, told reporters today that he is already hard at work on his Alien prequel. "We're doing that now," Scott said during a news conference Friday in Beverly Hills, California. "We're on the fourth draft. It's alright - yeah, pretty good." When asked if he might consider shooting it using 3-D technology, Scott immediately replied, "of course it will be 3-D."

Needless to say, James Cameron's Avatar is thus far the gold standard in 3-D filmmaking. But Scott indicated that any film shot in 3-D now would use even more advanced technology than what Cameron employed to bring the Na'vi to life. "I think we've already moved beyond," Scott explained. "Jim said that 'this technique, this process has taken me four years,' and he said that now you could probably do it in two." Scott also indicated that he considered converting his new film into 3-D, but elected not to after he got a mixed reaction from the film's distributor.