Most people have seen at least one of the two versions of The Amityville Horror but not nearly as many have ever had the pleasure of viewing 1982's Amityville II: The Possession. This is a shame, because The Possession is arguably the best film in the entire Amityville canon. I know, that's not saying much -- but really, Amityville II is surprisingly fun.

This prequel was directed by Damiano Damiani and features performances from Burt "Yo, Paulie!" Young, Jack Manger, and James Olson. It's a fictionalized retelling of the story of the DeFeo family -- the owners of the house at 112 Ocean Avenue before the Lutzes of the first film. While what happened to the Lutzes is widely debated, there's no denying that real tragedy struck the DeFeos. Young son Ronny massacred the entire family one night with a rifle. It wasn't until after the Lutzes' story broke (years later) that anyone started to attribute a supernatural cause to the crimes. Apparently, DeFeo did claim that a voice told him to kill his family, but it seems he thought it was the voice of God. Given that Ronny DeFeo claimed about a million different things about the crime, this seems dubious at best.
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