I only have a few bobbleheads in my horror action figure collection (yes, I'm well aware of my dorkiness, thank you.), a Leatherface and a Freddy. The problem has mostly been that I'm just not a huge fan of the bobblehead. They look silly to me, with their tiny bodies and gigantic bouncing noggins -- and the last thing you want when you show someone Leatherface is to hear a giggle followed by "oh that's so cute!"

I may have to readjust my opinion on the topic after seeing these new figures from Funko. Dread Central got the scoop on these new bobbleheads, and two of them should have horror fans giddy with excitement.

First up is a giant-headed version of The Fly. This 6-inch tall figure will stand on a customized base (that looks like the teleporter pad) and was inspired by the 1958 original with Vincent Price as opposed to David Cronenberg's remake.

The other figure is even more exciting. Funko's set to bring us our very own version of the dread god Cthulhu. Yes, HP Lovecraft's most infamous creation will soon be able to sit on your shelf and bounce his head around like he has a neck filled with jelly. If you only get one bobblehead in your life, this is the one I'd go for. Nothing quite says "cool" like Cthulhu.

Both figures, along with the third in the set -- Metropolis Maria -- will set you back $12.99. Click the links to pre-order. The figures are set to release this September.
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