Movies are all about suspending disbelief. It's heightened reality. People do and say all kinds of crazy things that they wouldn't in real life, the laws of physics are ignored, and that's half the fun. But occasionally there are moments so insane, so over the top, so clearly designed for a cash-in sequel that even the dumbest moviegoer says "What?"

Look, we get that our musclebound heroes and heroines are meant to survive things mere mortals wouldn't, but you shouldn't be able to see visible spinal trauma and fatal blood loss. The rule is that an action hero can be shot in the shoulder and the knee, but nowhere on the torso proper unless it's a clean gunshot through the oblique. (Dubious Exhibit A: Witness.) A similar rule exists for explosions. You can't show someone being visibly bounced around by one, they have to be running away or offscreen when it occurs, so we can suspend disbelief. "Oh, he was probably far away enough. I get it." We all know he or she probably would suffer hideous trauma, but the point is allowing enough wiggle room to let us shrug it off.

There's a fine line. But here's 5 who crossed it, and gave reality the middle finger. And in the interests of honesty, we were inspired by Cracked's list of 5 characters who shouldn't have suffered humiliating deaths. This is to show there's balance in everything that's stupid. Even movie death.
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