It's one of the lost legends of rock history: A movie starring the Sex Pistols, directed by infamous sexploitation master Russ Meyer from a screenplay by Roger Ebert himself.

Titled 'Who Killed Bambi?' and planned as an incendiary punk answer to 'A Hard Day's Night,' shooting on the 1978 movie was halted less than a week after it started when financing fell through. (It was eventually released as 'The Great Rock 'n Roll Swindle,' with director Julien Temple at the helm.)

Yes, more than 30 years later, Ebert has released the screenplay for 'Who Killed Bambi?', posting it in its entirety on his Chicago Sun-Times blog. Though he has previously discussed his involvement in the project, describing it in detail just two weeks ago in a blog entry, this marks the first time Ebert has published the full screenplay for the aborted project.
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