Final Destination is the beast that will never die, the final destination that will never come. After The FinalDestination earned some $66 million domestically and another $115 million in foreign markets, New Line forgot its vow to make the fourth final the last final. With money still coming into the franchise, more folks are doomed to die gruesome, slightly postponed deaths. THR's Heat Vision reports that Eric Heisserer will write the latest installment of the horror series, Final Destination 5.

The exact plot is super-needlessly secret right now, although it has been released that this time the film will include one person undergoing laser eye surgery. Just think of the fun! Will the person be so hopelessly stupid that as their friends are dying mysteriously, they decide to go and let lasers near their eyeballs, or will this poor sap be the first victim? And how many more installments until its Final Destination Under Water, Final Destination in the Air, or Final Destination in Space? At some point, they'll have to add a new twist other than 3D jumps.

As for Heisserer, well, he is on a horror role these days. He wrote the final draft of the new A Nightmare on Elm Street, and penned the script for the remake of The Thing, which is currently shooting in Toronto. Should his sequels and remakes do well, we'll probably see a whole lot more of him in the next few years.
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