The best thing about the Internet, and particularly movie sites in general, to me is how unreliable of a predictor it can be despite how widespread it has become. Last week I wrote a post for Cinematical ("Will the Avatar DVD Match the Success of the Theatrical Release?") musing about how I'd recently encountered a surprising number of non-movie geeks who were all talking about Avatar coming out on DVD/Blu-ray on April 22nd. The comment section wasn't exactly on fire, but over half of the people who responded to the post did so to point out that they would not be buying this barebones release regardless of the format.

If I had used the Internet as my predictor, Avatar would have languished on shelves. It didn't. The non-movie geeks of America united, whether they realized it or not, to make Avatar once again the #1 movie in America; at least as far as retail sales are concerned. Fox' quick press release about the matter pegged the combined retail sales of both the DVD and Blu-ray at 6.7 million units. From that 6.7, 2.7 million were of the Blu-ray variety, a new sales record for the medium.

So my new question is this: Are you one of those 6.7 million people who bought Avatar? And if so, are you going to buy it again when the special editions come out in November?
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