The Fly is not, as I'd incorrectly assumed, a black and white movie starring Vincent Price as a scientist-turned-fly-headed-monster, but a sci-fi horror tragedy, in Technicolor Cinemascope, with Price in a background role as the brother of the scientist, played by Al Hedison. I love it when a movie goes completely against my expectations, and The Fly was not the movie I assumed it was.

I'm much more familiar with David Cronenberg's version of the film. The 1986 version is one of my favorite films of all-time -- a conceptually disturbing science-fiction gross-out, fueled by an honest-to-goodness love story. Is the original so different? Not really, except for the gross-out part. Hedison isn't puking on his food or saving his body parts in a medicine cabinet, but the narrative is still fueled by a tragic love story, and the disturbing concepts are just as strong in the 1958 film as they are in the remake.
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