Welcome to the Motel Ten Acres, where the check rates are low and the death rates are high.
Five friends traveling down a long path to their final destination decide to pull into the motel for a little slumber.
Little do they know who or what lurks in the darkness with the motel with a bloody past...

How's that for a bit of 80's sensationalism? From Graffiti Playhouse Productions comes 'Terror At Ten Acres'. Directors Glenn Rodriguez and Leo Danger Ouano bring us a tried and true trope of the genre - hapless folks stumble into a creepy motel. Bad things happen to them. I love it, especially when it's in the hands of some upstart filmmakers trying to make it happen. They've got the camera, the gore, a masked killer, and a run-down roadside dump. That's really all you need for me to take the bait. Over at their website, you'll find a pretty detailed breakdown of the production: pics, blogs, etc.

They could also use your help in getting a bit of the spotlight. Over at iPetition, they're campaigning to get shown at Monster Mania in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Make with the clicking and let's give them a hand! Check out their MySpace page for updates and head past the jump for the teaser trailer.

"When you check into 10 Acres, you are checking into Hell!"

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