Last week, Warner Bros confirmed that we would finally get a Jonah Hex trailer attached to A Nightmare on Elm Street on April 30, but as I suspected, the trailer will actually hit a little sooner than that. SyFy has announced that the Jonah Hex trailer will premiere with them this Thursday, April 29. SyFy remains coy as to when on the 29th this will actually happen (more incentive for you to watch Ghost Hunters reruns all day, I suppose), but I suspect it will occur during their broadcast of The Skeleton Key, or during one of their Stargate episodes. Whichever one is the hottest, newest, and most popular, as I can't keep it straight anymore.

As proof of their good intentions, SyFy is throwing out bits of footage that have landed on the Internet in a spray of bullets. I'm embedding the YouTube clip below. It doesn't show much except blazing guns and Megan Fox's bursting corset, but it should whet your appetite for the whole trailer. It does mine. But then I'm still holding out a lot of hope that Jonah Hex will be an awesome summer surprise. If anything, this should serve as proof that Jonah Hex will indeed be arriving in theaters on June 18th.

For those not in the mood for a SyFy movie, don't worry. We'll put Hex online as soon as it's available.