Since her Oscar-nominated performance as struggling single mother Ray Eddy in 2008's 'Frozen River,'Melissa Leo has been able to segue from talented character actor to leading lady, and that continues with her latest, 'The Space Between.'

In the film, which premieres at the Tribeca Film Festival, Leo plays Montine, an ill-tempered flight attendant who's on the verge of losing her job when she's ordered to watch over a young Pakistani-American boy after their flight is grounded on 9/11. When she learns from him that his father works at the World Trade Center, Montine makes it her mission to get him back to New York.

Moviefone spoke to Leo the morning after 'The Space Between's' premiere screening to talk about the film, the perks to being an Oscar nominee (like being cast in the new HBO series 'Treme') and why she loves shooting in New York City.