This weekend's openings had to rank as a new low on the year. April has always been somewhat of a dumping ground the closer we get to the summer movie season (last year's releases on this weekend including Obsessed, Fighting and The Soloist) but, wow, did moviegoers have their options limited. Not only did they spell out what you might be thinking in seeing them, but their titles also represented the label stamped upon the marketing campaigns. I'm not saying that the "critics" they chose are part of an actual Back-Up Planor were, by definition, The Losers, except I kinda am.

The first round of encouragement on Jennifer Lopez's new romantic baby comedy that I saw began way back on April 12 on a commercial. Always beware quotes of this nature when the film has not been screened yet for press in major cities outside of the junket circuit. Double that beware when even your humble quote collector has never heard of any of the names attached to them.
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