The world of movie news is never complete without another update about Terry Gilliam's struggle to get The Man Who Killed Don Quixote on the big screen. You know the drill by now. Problems with this production are so ubiquitous that it's like there's a higher being playing sinister Mad Libs with Gilliam's passion project. But for a little while, things seemed on the up and up. Robert Duvall announced that he was going to play Don Quixote, once the money was worked out: "once again, the money. It's so difficult to get the money."

Now, speaking with Movieline, Duvall sounds even more pessimistic about the project. In fact, he says he won't get ready for the role until that is set: "I can't really start preparing for it until it's greenlit. Until it's really greenlit." So much for the news that Gilliam would start shooting the film this summer. If the actor is right, this film is still in the early stages.

According to Duvall, Gilliam is still hunting down his Sancho Panza: "The Irish guy who was in Crazy Heart turned him down, which kind of bugged him. Colin Farrell. But they need a name. He's going after two people now, but he doesn't want to say who they are until after he gets them. But it's been six months he's been after people." Adding to the casting challenge, Duvall says the budget is bigger than his other films, which doesn't bode well for funding challenges.

Will this ever come to be?
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