I hear a whole lot of people walked out of the press screening for Open House, which I find very surprising. Maybe it's just that I am not a regular viewer of -- nor a fan of, really -- the home invasion subgenre, but compared to what I have seen (including the original Funny Games, The Strangers and I guess Panic Roomcounts?), it wasn't that much worse. In fact, there's plenty that I enjoyed in Open House, including the creepy performance by Brian Geraghty (The Hurt Locker), the refreshingly minimal amount of torture/abuse and the slow, suspenseful pacing of the familiar yet nonetheless mysterious plot.

Written and directed by Andrew Paquin (brother of Anna, who appears briefly, as does her True Blood co-star and fiancee, Stephen Moyer), the thriller takes us exclusively into the setting of an on-the-market L.A. home -- including the hot tub in the backyard -- which has been hijacked by a couple of killers (Geraghty and Tricia Helfer). David arrives first, slashing a house guest before abducting the home owner, Alice (Rachel Blanchard), and hiding her away in a basement crawl space. Soon, his female accomplice, Lila, joins him in taking over the residence and murdering any friends, house cleaners or whomever else decides to or is invited to drop by.