Without going into too many details about my personal life, let's just say I've seen my share of strippers and strip clubs of varying 'class' levels. Now the reason I'm telling you this is because today's Scenes (Songs) We Love takes place in a rough and tumble go-go bar that even as an innocent little kid (and long before my education in the art of burlesque) I knew was the tamest in film history: Mawby's Bar in Adrian Lyne's 80's dance classic, Flashdance. Most people know the theme What a Feeling, but as a little girl I was obsessed with the whole soundtrack (not to mention I couldn't wait to wear a bra to try that trick in the sweatshirt, but I digress), and the song I wore out the vinyl on was Laura Branigan's Imagination.

If you aren't familiar with the pop classic, Jennifer Beals played a part time welder, go-go dancer and aspiring ballerina who falls for her boss and finally makes her way into the prestigious school for ballet. Now to be fair, I get that Mawby's was supposed to be a holdout against the sleazier (or the more accurate) types of establishment run by bad guy and '80s cinematic sleazebag Lee Ving. So maybe I'm just a cynic, because I never quite believed that after a hard day at the steel mill a bunch of guys would be blown away by this kind of performance.

But I just can't help myself; I still love this ridiculous movie (and dance number) each and every time I see it -- no matter what leaps in logic I'm required to make to do so.

After the jump; horny steelworkers apparently prefer modern dance over pole dancing...
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