What's it about Hollywood movies that so captivates us that we're willing to dig into our wallets and shell out cash to see an 80-year-old movie? Well, ask the folks over at TCM (Turner Classic Movies), because they've just wrapped up their first-ever TCM Classic Film Festival in downtown Hollywood ... and it was quite a success.

The four-day festival included 50 screenings of Hollywood classics, many restored to pristine condition, as well as panels and screening introductions featuring Hollywood luminaries, film historians and stars.

The oldest feature screened was Harold Lloyd's 'Safety Last' (1923) and the youngest was 2005's 'The Proposition,' with most films clustered between the 1930s and 1960s. Screened during the fest, which opened Thursday night with an beautifully restored version of 1954's 'A Star Is Born,' were 'The Good Earth' (1937), introduced by star Luise Rainer; 'The King of Comedy (1983); 'Saboteur' (1942), introduced by Norman Lloyd; 'The Big Trail' (1930); 'The Stunt Man' (1980), introduced by director Richard Rush and stars Barbara Hershey and Steve Railsback; 'Casablanca '(1942); 'The Adventures of Robin Hood' (1938); 'Laura' (1944); 'Pillow Talk' (1959); Breathless (1959) and many, many more.
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