Veteran actor Lance Henriksen has had a long and distinguished career. From his humble beginnings as a character actor through to his current status of cult icon, the actor seems to have climbed the mountain of celebrity by starting at the very bottom and working his way to the summit. With a penchant for playing everything from biker degenerates to FBI profilers, the gravelly-voiced performer has carved a niche for himself that has allowed him to remain relevant (and working) in a field where many careers are measured in years and not decades. Over that span, Henriksen has had numerous classic roles, including his turn as Frank Black on the television series Millennium (check out the informative Back to Frank Black website for more details about a possible Millennium movie and more ... ). However, his greatest onscreen achievement remains his portrayal of the android Bishop in James Cameron's 1986 film Aliens.

Aliens wasn't the first time Henriksen and Cameron worked together -- they'd previously collaborated on The Terminator, where Henriksen was supposed to play the title role but wound up cast as a detective instead. Cameron clearly thought highly enough of the actor to bring him back in a more prominent role when he was tapped to make a sequel to Ridley Scott's Alien. Bishop became Henriksen's signature character and he's returned to the part in subsequent sequels and spin-offs -- weaving himself into the mythology almost as much as the monstrous Xenomorphs themselves.
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