The Gonzo we are cautioned about in Beware the Gonzo is Eddie "Gonzo" Gilman, an intense prep-academy student who believes his school newspaper can right wrongs and fight injustice. It can't, really, but he's not the first student journalist to suffer from a surplus of idealism. He might be the first to single-handedly bring down a school cafeteria, though.

Gonzo is played by Ezra Miller, who looks like a Justin Long-Jimmy Fallon hybrid and has a smirking delivery reminiscent of Christian Slater in Heathers. A senior at Parker Prep, Gonzo intends to study journalism at Columbia next year, but he's been beaten for the editor-in-chief position at the Parker Courier by Gavin Reilly (Jesse McCartney), a smug golden boy who excels at sports, academics, and date rape. When Reilly kills a story Gonzo wrote about bullying to protect his athlete buddies, Gonzo does what outraged high-school journalists have done since time immemorial: start an underground paper of his own.

He has a staff of misfits eager to shine a light on Parker Prep's seedy underbelly, including Horny Rob (Griffin Newman), who has a thing for girls that the big studs reject; Ming Na (Stefanie Y. Hong), who wants to expose the awful secrets of the popular girls ("godless whores"); Schneeman (Edward Gelbinovich), whose wedgie-oriented abuse spurred Gonzo to anti-bully activism in the first place; and Evie (Zoe Kravitz), a once-popular girl who's been relabeled a slut and wants revenge on Reilly.