Oh Internet, you deliver unto us daily a bounty of wonderful things, including a veritable smorgasbord of indie trailers that might go otherwise unnoticed if it weren't for the kind, hard-working folks that devote their lives to horror. While recently we brought you a look at the indie thriller Long Pigs, this time we've stumbled across a little flick with the interesting title of Kiss the Abyss, courtesy of the fellas over at Quiet Earth.

Echoing the sentiments of QE, the final half or so of the trailer is where it really gets interesting, delivering some creepy footage that may or may not have supernatural creatures that resemble vampires. While I'm always weary of these types of films, this one actually looks like it may be worth a watch. Also, am I the only one who sees Charlie Hunnan (he of Sons of Anarchy fame) at around the thirteen-second mark?

Kiss the Abyss is brought to us courtesy of Risen Pictures, and is directed by Ken Winkler and co-written with Winkler by Eric Rucker. It stars Nicole Moore, Scott Wilson, Scott Mitchell Nelson and James Mathers. Upcoming screenings include the Indy Horror Film Fest in Dekalb, IL on May 1st, and the Seattle True Independent Film Festival in June.

Check the trailer out after the jump.
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