If you've been following this new wave of whacked out Japanese gore cinema, then you're probably already well aware of Mutant Girls Squad -- the first offering from Nikkatsu's new label Sushi Typhoon. Actually, it's not the first, because that would be the forthcoming Alien vs. Ninjas (which looks awesome...), but it will be the first to hit retailers.

Twitch brought us a look at the new trailer the other day and I'm passing it along in case you missed it. The film is set to tell a continuous story in three parts, with a different director helming each segment. The group of director's is a veritable who's who of Japanese cult cinema: Noboru Iguchi (who brought us Machine Girl), Yoshihiru Nishimura (director of Tokyo Gore Police -- one of my favorite films of last year), and Tak Sakaguchi, star of the cult classic Versus. What should you expect based on this information? Lots of blood, weirdness, and bizarre gore, basically.

Imagine the body mutation films of David Cronenberg with a less serious tone, lots of distinctly Japanese elements, and over-the-top FX and you have the basic idea.

Plot details are slim, but the guys over at Nippon Cinema are reporting that the film appears to be something like a Japanese X-Men -- only with more gore and girls in school uniforms apparently. It doesn't really matter, because what we can tell from this trailer is that it's full of bloody insanity -- which is my main expectation when sitting down to watch one of these modern Japanese gore flicks.

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