Amidst the myriad of sub-genres and sub-sub-genres that comprise the horror genre, there is one that stands out as universally loved, even in the smallest capacity, among most horror fans: the slasher. Try as they might, no one can deny the greatness of Halloween or Friday the 13th, not just for how much fun they are, but for the lasting impact they have had on the horror genre. Nothing exemplifies this more than the horror blog Evil on Two Legs.

Evil on Two Legs rose from the spilled blood of Laurie Strode in 2000, serving primarily as a repository for slasher films that have found their way onto DVD, though saving room for feature articles and a message board. Unfortunately, it "withered and died rather quickly," returning in its current incarnation as a Wordpress blog in August of 2007. It is run by Corey and Jon, a pair of friends who simply share a love of writing and slasher film and, perhaps most importantly, a desire to share this love with like-minded individuals.

"One of our goals has always been to simply to share our common interest in horror films and collaborate on various projects. But we've also developed a real sense of the fact that our blog is a part of a particular horror community. Also, we're hoping it's not too late to become .com billionaires" -Jon

Evil on Two Legs, or Eo2L as it is commonly known, has established itself as a fixture among the horror blogosphere for its varied content and unique voice. Steering away from the common review (though they do crop up from time to time), Jon and Corey, the former of which holds a Ph.D in English, bang out a wide variety of content, from recent horror DVD releases to hilarious lists (check out the recent "Three Poems That Are As Effed Up As An Horror Film" and "Eleven Horror Movie Plants With Whom You Should Not F"), all while injecting their own special brand of humor into each post (see the recent post that adds the word "pants" to popular horror quotes).

The thing that piqued my curiosity the most was the simple question of "Why slashers?"

"It was during the slasher golden age (the early 1980s) that I first fell in love with film," says Corey. "No film has impacted me as strongly as Halloween did when I was a kid. In addition to being ripe with subtext and metaphorical interpretations, there's something primal about slasher films that isn't always present in other horror subgenres. I also think we enjoy focusing on a genre of film that rarely gets the respect it deserves. Blood and boobs are also likely a factor."

Jon adds, "That's a tricky question. The easy answer is that we write about slashers because it's a common interest between us, so it's fun to hash out ideas together. The more complex answer as to why we like slasher films, as opposed to more wholesome genres, has to do with the fact that we enjoy being scared, we enjoy watching people be scared, and we enjoy watching stylized, artificial violence. We're sick people."

Hey, at least they're honest.

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