If you can't get enough of Sacha Baron Cohen'sBorat and Bruno, then I've got good news. The comic has just signed a deal to make his next film for Paramount after an intense Hollywood bidding war, according to Deadline.

The untitled project -- penned by three of Curb Your Enthusiasm's writers -- will be a departure from Cohen's mockumentary films, featuring the actor in a fictional narrative described as Trading Places meets Coming to America with Cohen playing dual roles: a deposed dictator lost in the USA and a goat herder. I'm sure wacky hijinks will ensue.

Paramount won the war by offering the comedian a 20-20 deal, meaning Cohen gets $20 million up front and 20% of the gross -- and more if the film is a hit. This is big news in Hollywood, where studios have been dealing with the country's economic downturn by offering less for projects. Some see this deal as a return to the pre-recession status quo, while others think it's a sign of a new film industry -- one still willing to pay big bucks for projects, but only ones featuring proven commodities.
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