There's been talk of an Ozzy Osbourne biopic for years, at least as far back as 2002, when the metal legend's wife, Sharon, talked about wanting Johnny Depp to star in such a film. Entertainment Weekly later claimed the project was near a greenlight at Paramount. But it's been seven years since then, and a documentary produced by son Jack seemed the only movie prospect for the former Black Sabbath singer in all that time. Now Mrs. Osbourne is again talking biopic, this time during a press conference for Celebrity Apprentice. And the current status of the project, as reported by The Dish Rag, has been elevated to "imminent."

"There's about to be a big announcement," she said during the NBC event. "It's been picked up and it's going into production. We're going to make a press announcement hopefully within the next two weeks. [There's no cast] yet, but we have a producer and we have lots of money and we're all starting."
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