Recreating famous film scenes in Lego format using stop motion animation has been popular for a while now, and I consider myself a fan of the burgeoning art form. However, nothing I've seen to date quite matches the technical achievement of this newly unveiled complete Lego recreation of the second Prince of Persia trailer that turned up on MTV's Movies Blog today. Lovingly crafted by Brian Jacks and Matt Harper, it's nearly two minutes filled with amazing attention to detail. It features Ben Kingsley, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Gemma Arterton in Lego figure form tromping around lavishly detailed sets composed entirely of the miniature blocks.

Jacks and Harper spent three weeks creating the trailer -- reportedly inspired by Jacks finding a Lego Ben Kingsley at Toy Fair earlier this year -- and it shows in nearly every frame. The duo kept the original soundtrack to the preview and replaced all the visuals with new Lego versions made from various Prince of Persia play sets you can pick up at toy stores or online. The clip opens with the green band rating info, then transitions to the Disney and Bruckheimer logos before plunging viewers into blocky goodness. Lego Kingsley is suitably menacing, while Gyllenhaal sports some painted on abs (literally) in his topless scene. Gemma Arterton doesn't fare quite as well as the boys her in conversion to Lego form -- square blocks just don't do a girl justice.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time hits theaters on May 28th. To tide you over until then, hit the jump to check out the fruit of Jacks and Harper's labor and a few other great Lego film recreations.