The track is the new cinematic hotspot. Okay, not really, but as someone who grew up inundated by the world of horse racing, it's pretty wild to see it getting increasing cinematic love. The Internet just got pictures of the Diane Lane-starring Secretariat (and look how close it is to reality!), and now Variety reports that Sean Astin and Cheri Oteri are starring in a new indie comedy called And They're Off. Alan Grossbard wrote the script, and Rob Schiller (Two and a Half Men) is directing.

Astin, who hasn't really had a big/noteworthy role since Samwise, will play "a failed horse trainer desperately trying to get back into the winner's circle." Oteri, meanwhile, plays a jockey "with a hair-trigger temper." This should be no problem for the funny woman, although it's a shame that she's back in the comedy after such an impressive turn in Jennifer Lynch's creepy Surveillance. Horse trainers Bob Baffert and Doug O'Neill will play themselves, and Kevin Nealon is among the supporting cast ... along with *dundundun* Martin Mull! (The project already sounds a lot better than Mull's first mainstream feature in ages -- the upcoming Katherine Heigl/Ashton Kutcher-starring Killers.)

Production kicks off this week in LA and Pomona. Or, should I say: "And they're off!"
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