Oh Stephen Baldwin.... Back in the day, 1989 to be exact, he grabbed roles in Casualties of War, Last Exit to Brooklyn, and Born on the Fourth of July. By 1994-1995, he was pretty big name, grabbing spots on Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle, The Usual Suspects, and the sexuality-bending Threesome. It's hard to believe that the same guy, some 15 years and 60 projects later, needs to be restored.

THR's Risky Business has shared this little ditty (which our own Peter Hall presented the other night): there's a new website called "Restore Stephen Baldwin." With the A-ok of his ministry President Daniel Southern, the website hopes to elicit donations from folks so that Baldwin can soar up to new heights. You see, when he became Born Again and spoke out about his beliefs, it lost him jobs and resulted in bankruptcy, because, you know, he'd no longer act in sexy, violent movies. So, thinking of the story of Job, a website has risen up to restore Stephen. (There's even a video. Hit the jump for that stunner of a commercial.)

As for me, whenever I hear the name Stephen Baldwin, I think of Threesome. It might not be the critical highlight of his career, and close to the epitome of everything he now detests, but his Stuart is forever burned in my brain -- gruff, horny, and surprisingly open-minded, willing to talk about butt-staring, and lusting over the girl who lusts for big words. So, side by side, hit the jump for Baldwin's gleeful "filth" and his current "restoration."