We often forget that geekdom (or Geekdom, if you feel like being super proper or something) is not one unified entity. This should be obvious; people who enjoy sports don't always enjoy the same sports, movielovers don't enjoy all movies, and so on. But because geeks are still a mysterious and unpredictable entity, we're all lumped in together as being fans of Doctor Who,Star Trek, and comic books in equal measures. The Internet helps maintain this image, since we all tend to flock to the same megasites to read or talk about whatever winds us up.

But those who enjoy something geeky know that it's still difficult to excite your friends about whatever excites you. If you have Doctor Who friends, they may be utterly uninterested in your latest XBOX purchase, and your gaming friends may not care about the issue of The New Avengers you just read. Even if you offer them Ultimate Hulk Versus Wolverine and say "But this is the guy who also writes LOST!" you're likely to get a shrug and a "I hate comic books and LOST. Put that crap away." We've all been there.

There's one man who seems to mysteriously bridge that gap: Joss Whedon. There's a reason there's a brisk market in "Joss Whedon Is My Master Now!" t-shirts, and it isn't because the wearers really dug Firefly. The man wields an incredible power inside of geekdom and outside it. People who wouldn't darken the doors of a Comic-Con watched Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, bought the t-shirt, action figures, and DVDs, and will perk up whenever his name is mentioned. It's a hook you can exploit like none other. I know, because I've done it.

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