We here at Horror Squad recently interviewed the fantastic Kevin Pollak about his brand new web series Vamped Out. Vamped Out is the unfortunate tale of a actual vampire living in L.A. and struggling to make it as an actor. Even though his status as an honest-to-goodness vampire makes him ideal for the rash of vampire films and television shows saturating the entertainment industry of late, he finds himself constantly passed over for skinny, pale 20-something douchebags. The show is shot documentary style and provides the much-deserved pot shots at the horror pretenders currently bewitching tweens and stealing attention away from the authentic creatures of the night.

The bad news is that I waited longer than I should have to bring you episode 2 of the series. The good news is that you didn't have long to wait between 2 and 3! For your viewing pleasure, here is episode 3 of Vamped Out!
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