We've all been groaning over the possibility of Ghost Rider 2. Johnny Blaze has a lot of fans out there, and none of them were happy with the way Nicolas Cage or Mark Steven Johnson handled him the first time around. Even the news that David S. Goyer was writing the script wasn't cause for celebration, as The Dark Knight just can't erase Nick Fury: Agent of Shield. But now Ghost Rider 2 has hit a roadblock. It may have lost Nicolas Cage.

According to Vulture, Columbia needs to get Ghost Rider 2 up and running fast. It isn't just that they need a blockbuster for 2011 after rebooting Spider-Man. TheirMarvel contract is up, and if Ghost Rider 2 isn't in production by November 14, 2010, they lose all rights to the character. They're reportedly asking Marvel for an extension, but we all know Marvel wants those characters back. Kevin Feige & Co have made that clear numerous times. Columbia won't be receiving any favors there.

November may seem far away, but it's short time in movie land, and the problem comes in Cage's schedule and whether or not he'll be busy makingNational Treasure 3. His financial problems are well documented, and Vulture feels it will come down to who can offer him the bigger paycheck. But this is Cage we're talking about, and he recently bought a pyramid, so his love of Ghost Rider could trump Jerry Bruckheimer's checkbook. Nevertheless, the studio is prepared to move without him and recast Johnny Blaze. While that may seem like good news, the downside is that this film will be rushed into production. And who wants yet another half-baked version of the character?

But hey, let's turn lemons into lemonade. In the interests of fandom and fantasy, who would you cast as the cursed rider?
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