The vamps aren't done with movies, but this time around, at least you can rejoice in the fact that they'll attack the big screen again with blood, war, and not a sparkle in sight. Variety reports that Platinum Studios is gearing up to bring their vampire comic series Blood Nation to the big screen.

Set in the near future, the world becomes overrun by vampires, who are then walled off from the rest of the world. After decades away from the tasty humans, rumors surface that the vamps have found a way to escape, and a group of humans have to Snake Plissken themselves into "the heart of the nation on a mission to save humanity." It sounds a bit District 13-ish, but this isn't a case of vamps charging and humans creating a shield. Producer Alexandra Milchan explains: "Blood Nation is a war movie set in the future where the humans and the vampires have divided up the planet but not yet made peace with each other." Although really, isn't the only possible peace that humans donate their A's, B's, and O's to feed the bloodsuckers?

This should provide the counterpoint to Daybreakers and its recognizable society run by vampires. The question is: will it be a gruesome and entertaining mess that makes the masses forget about the current vampiric over-saturation, or will it fall victim to a world already overrun by fictional vamps?
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